What is a Dedicated Server?

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A dedicated server, or data server, is a server that provides the entire machine’s physical infrastructure. A dedicated server enables you to make use of all the available RAM, storage, and processing capacity of the system, compared to a virtual server that requires a number of the tools to operate the virtualization technology. For cloud storage, we may also characterize this form of approach as “barre metal,” stressing that the machine’s resources are physically accessible in comparison to normal, virtual-based systems.

For two major purposes, dedicated servers are selected: power and safety. Dedicated servers do better than other options for hosting, and a single user can use all of this power.

Uses of a dedicated server

1. Website Hosting

The most popular usage of dedicated servers is probably the hosting website. You can host a dedicated server on one or more websites and enjoy optimal speed and security. This is because you will never have to share bandwidth with other users with dedicated cloud hosting.

2. Optimize the game

Many players benefit from the use of dedicated servers for their online gaming experience. Specifically, games like Minecraft and Counterstrike, in order to increase speeds, decreased lag and latency, and to increase gamer power, are generally kept on dedicated servers.

3. Email Host Corporation

A dedicated server can also be suitable for creating email accounts for growing businesses. If a dedicated server allows you better personalization compared to a shared or free hosting for business eMails.

4. Build a VPN

Secure & Protect Your Web Browsing
Secure & Protect Your Web Browsing

A dedicated server may also be used to set up a virtual private network ( VPN) to add encryption to an existing network link. A VPN helps the information transmitted from your device to be secured, which will offer extra protection and peace of mind.

5. Information Back-Up

It is a must, in particular, if you are running a website that you rely on (through ad sales or an eCommerce shop) to back up your valuable data and files. Dream of what if your server has been compromised and your data has been lost. You can need to restore your site from scratch if you don’t have your details backed up somewhere.

You will enjoy a convenient place to back up your valuable data by using a special hosting scheme. This will never lose your valuable files and information.